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Nutrition & Fitness Coaching and Customized Programs (also available online)

A SCIENCE-BASED Program. Customized for Individual Results Achieve all of your Nutrition and Fitness Goals Permanently Learn how to increase your Metabolism, burn fat Dramatically Increase Your Energy.

Your plan includes:

  • Your own personal nutrition coach
  • Customized meal plan based on your individual nutritional parameters and food preferences
  • 3 Phase Guide to achieving your health goals
  • Personalized cardiovascular exercise plan for fast results
  • Delicious recipe database and thousands of meal options
  • E-Newsletters from the top nutrition and fitness experts Nutrition and Exercise Journal

Diets Vs. Nutrition Program

Diets are life’s quick fixes. They are used in our moments of frustration and desperation. The most common place for these moments is when: your clothes do not fit, you’re heavier than ever before, summer’s around the corner, you’ve got a wedding in three months, you’re getting ready for vacation, etc… I know because I’ve been there myself and so have 1000’s of our clients. Diets are that piece of potential magic each of us hold on to, believing that it can be that easy & simple. We become so overcome by the pain of our current status that we’ll do practically anything. It’s at these times that our vulnerability is at its highest and our sense of reason is at its lowest. This is when we reach for the magic potion and unfortunately as we all know, the reality is it doesn’t exist. When do quick fixes ever solve the real challenge?

What in life can successfully be accomplished by going for a quick fix? Can a business succeed without a plan? Can a relationship succeed without continued communication? Can you parent without leading by example? Your health is no different from these things. The fact is that anything we do that’s worth something takes a proper foundation, hard work and a commitment. I’ve never seen a diet work permanently, never. Please ask yourself… have you ever seen one work permanently? We know they can create a temporary result – they really can do that… and then life shows up again. My invitation to you is to focus on Programs and let go of the “Quick Fix” mentality that leads to a Diet.

Now, realize that Programs are actual plans. They’re designed to give you an education and follow a system. They provide Structure that can be worked into your lifestyle and direction on how to do that. The goal of a Program is to create a plan that you can follow the rest of your life. Now, there are many programs to choose from, and each can be categorized into one of two Philosophies. This is where we can finally get to the heart of the matter. If you can learn the base physiology and science behind both Philosophies, you can quickly determine if the program you’re investigating will provide you with the long lasting results, education and foundation to become a permanent part of your life.

How is The Program Unique?

We know that there are countless diet and nutrition programs to choose from. Our scientific approach based on Blood Sugar Stabilization and our focus on improving your overall Health and Lifestyle. We put a strong emphasis on Education because we know this is the key to long term success.

Based on the science of blood sugar stabilization.

We’ll teach you how to stabilize your blood sugar levels. By eating the right amount of calories each meal, eating them at correct intervals, and making sure that the proper ratios of carbohydrates, protein, and fat are maintained, you will create a healthy living environment – you will stabilize your blood sugar. Once your blood sugar is stabilized, your body will naturally start breaking down fat on a consistent basis. By incorporating exercise into your plan, you will then be able to build lean muscle mass because you will have created the proper environment within which to do so. Additionally, stable blood sugar is what is responsible for eliminating sugar cravings, increasing energy, increasing focus, and reducing fatigue. Our science based program is backed by the International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching.

Eliminates the Yo Yo Effect

Many other programs are based on “quick fix” methods such as calorie restriction or cutting whole food groups such as carbohydrates. These “quick fixes” cause a “yo-yo” effect. You lose weight and then gain it back the moment you fall of course. Methods like this leave you feeling hungry and actually cause you to lose lean muscle mass, which drastically slows your metabolism. Unfortunately, when you gain the weight back, you don’t regain muscle mass just body fat in its place. When people do these types of programs they typically repeat the process over and over with each attempt, resulting in the laying down of more and more body fat. By maintaining stable blood sugar levels you will lose weight and keep it off permanently because your body will be in a balanced state. This balanced state is known as Homeostasis.

Teaches you how to stay the course

Most programs focus on initial results and fail to teach how to stay on track permanently. We will provide you with the motivation and education to implement your program indefinitely. We also provide the tools to get right back on track if you do fall off course.

Focuses on improving your whole lifestyle

Most programs only teach you how to eat according to their rules and neglect other important aspects of your health. Venice Nutrition will teach you how to eat well to best fit your needs, how to exercise correctly, how to improve your sleep and stress levels, and how to work your program into your current lifestyle. You’ll learn how to balance your health with all other aspects of your life including your profession, relationships and lifestyle.

Knows you are an individual with unique needs and goals

While most programs have the same “game plan” for everyone, Venice Nutrition knows you are an individual with your own unique goals, lifestyle, health challenges and food preferences. Our member’s goals vary from person to person. Some of our members want to lose weight and body fat while others like professional athletes may want to build lean muscle and enhance performance. While blood sugar stabilization is the basis for everyone’s program, each plan is created specifically for you based on your specific nutritional parameters, your current lifestyle and the goals you want to achieve.

Your Personalized Body Confidence Plan:

Your personalized Body Confidence Plan is your “game plan” for success. This includes customized meal and exercise plans, recommended sleep schedule to maximize results, supplement recommendations, water intake parameters and stress management tools. You’ll learn exactly what you need to reach your goals and how to incorporate each aspect of the Body Confidence Plan into your lifestyle.

3 Phase Guide to Your Program

There are three phases to learning how to work nutrition and fitness permanently into your lifestyle:

  • Phase 1- Building your Body Confidence Plan Phase
  • Phase 2- Mastering your Body Confidence Plan Phase
  • Phase 3- Maintaining your Body Confidence Plan

To achieve permanent results you need to two main components:

  • 1. A Game Plan (Your Personalized Body Confidence Plan)
  • 2. A Clear Vision of where you are going (Your Goals)

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. — Nelson Mandela

Step-By-Step Description of Consulting Package

  • 1) Nutrition & Fitness Assessment ( 30 – 45 minutes ) The purpose of the Assessment is to get to know you on a personal level and better understand your goals and lifestyle.
  • 2) Program Presentation ( 30-45 minutes ) Begin your customized nutrition and fitness program!
  • 3) All Follow Up Sessions ( 30-45 minutes ) Each follow up session is custom tailored to you, depending on your unique goals and progress thus far. Any necessary adjustments to your program will be made to help you implement your Body Confidence Plan seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Start Up Package @ $199

  • 1 Health Assessment & Program Presentation
  • 1 Coaching Follow Up Consultation 2 Total Sessions
  • * package comes with full e-mail Support and an Online Membership for 30 days

6 Week Program @ $399

  • 1 Health Assessment & Program Presentation
  • 4 Coaching Follow Up Consultation 5 Total Sessions
  • * package comes with full e-mail Support and an Online Membership for 45 days

12 Week Program @ $649

  • 1 Health Assessment & Program Presentation
  • 7 Coaching Follow Up Consultation 8 Total Sessions
  • * package comes with full e-mail Support and an Online Membership for 90 days

“Coaching simply speeds up a process of change that would most likely occur anyway if an individual had enough time. Without a coaching program that forces a client to focus and make time, people sometimes miss the real issues they need to focus on.” – The Ivy Business Journal, September-October 2000